Our pride and joy, our arabian horses!

About Chess Arabians

“The Black Stallion” is an American family film from 1979 directed by Carroll Ballard. The production is based on the book “The Black Stallion”, written by Walter Farley.

The wild black Arabian stallion has fascinated and inspired us. The mystique behind his black appearance and the strength that he radiates, is mysterious and intriguing. We have several black Arabs and breed black Arabs to keep the mystery alive.

According to Arab peoples God created the Arab thoroughbred from the south. The Prophet Muhammad gave the nomadic tribes instructions to keep this breed pure. When Mohammed from Mecca fled to Medina, he galloped for hours with some followers through the desert. At one point the horses discovered water. They went to the water with the horses. At that moment Muhammad called back the horses, seven mares returned. The seven mares (the most faithful horses) are the foundation mares of the breed. The names of these mares are: Sakab (Muhammad’s favorite riding horse), Lezaz (strong and muscular), Tarb (light when she moves), Wonard (red chestnut with black mane and tail), Lakif (rock cave),  Nakif (nervous and excited) and Martiagiaz (captured by the enemy).

This legend refers to the presumed desired and loyal character of the Arab, an Arab will often stay with a thrown or fallen rider. The Arabs themselves call the Arabian horse Keheilan, (meaning “through and through pure”).

Straight Egyptian Arabians as we know them today reach back to the mares and stallions of Viceroy Mohammed Ali and his grandson Abbas Pasha I. Authentic and pure… they came in unbroken line from Bedouin tribes in the Arabian deserts.

Outside the seven foundation mares, there are five main points:

  • Kahilan, powerful and masculine, taller, 1.57 m average, heads strikingly short, great endurance.
  • Seglawi, very refined, with a feminine grace and elegance. Smaller, 1:47 m on average, longer head and neck. Very fast, but less endurance than the Kahilan.
  • Abeyan, even very sophisticated, but with a longer back.
  • Hamdani, just by heavier bones and athletic build, right profile and neck, Bigger, average Height 1.57 m.
  • Hadban, smaller version, 1:52 m average, muscular and heavier, and very friendly and go, often black-brown or reddish-brown.

Other contemporary famous lines: The Crabbet line from the stud Crabbet, Egyptian Arab, Polish Arabian and Spanish Arab.

We have had various bloodlines on our farm but now we want to focus on the breeding and keeping of old Egyptian bloodlines.

Because we focus on grey straight Egyptian and black Arabian horses, we have given our hobby the name “Chess Arabians.”

By taking the right steps, we want to place Chess Arabians on the “chessboard”.

Please feel free to take a look at our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.